Has midlife left you feeling like the best of your life is over?

Not even close! There’s so much more for you to do. So much more life for you to live.

I help midlife women redesign life’s next chapter with health, happiness, meaning & vitality.

It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.

 Hi, I’m Jules

Life & Wellness Coach
for Midlife Women

I’m a Life Transformation Coach and Menopause Mentor, and I help midlife women live better lives.

In my early forties I experienced stress that became burnout. I was going through an early menopause but I didn’t even know. That combination led me to a breakdown. 

I left my 20 year career without an exit plan. Or a life plan. All I knew was that I wanted life to feel more purposeful and meaningful. And a lot happier and healthier. 

It took me a long time to find my way. I needed mental, physical and emotional healing. I found my true purpose in coaching. But when I recently discovered the mind-body connection, that changed my life (and health).

Ever since, I’ve been even more inspired to help midlife women learn to thrive in midlife and design their next life chapter full of meaning and happiness.



You’re struggling to find a sense of direction or purpose in life.

You’re feeling lost. You’ve lost your confidence, your joy, your energy, your health, and you feel like you’ve lost your way.

You’ve got a nagging feeling that you’re meant for so much more.

You want things to change but you’re overwhelmed and unsure how and where to start.

And then there’s the menopause. It’s not just brain fog. You feel like your whole life is in a fog.

What if life could be more like this…

You have greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life, connecting more deeply with your values and goals.

You feel mental and emotional well-being, after learning how to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges more effectively.

You have more energy and vitality, adopting healthier habits and behaviours that support your health.

You’re more confident, with better self-esteem, and have overcome limiting beliefs and fears that were holding you back.

You feel a greater sense of empowerment and control over your life, developing new skills and tools for managing your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You have more fulfilling and satisfying relationships with yourself and others, learning how to communicate, connect, and empathise more effectively.

You feel joy and gratitude, and have cultivated a more positive and optimistic mindset.



We’ll work together to make sure you regain health, balance and direction in midlife.


Design your life vision, uplift your energy and confidently move towards living your best life to the full.


We identify where you need to let go of stressors, habits and limiting beliefs.


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»» We’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision for the healthy, happy, balanced life you want to live

»» You’ll uncover the key stressors and hidden challenges that are sabotaging your health and life goals right now

»» And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to finally make life changes to regain your health, energy and purpose once and for all

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