Hi, I’m Jules

Burnout Coach  |  Wellbeing Consultant

My own burnout became a breakdown. I was in a burnout rut and it took me a long time and a lot of searching to find my way out.

I went on a mission to recover and become calmer, happier and healthier. I’ve spent quite a few hours in therapy, I’ve read hundreds of books, I’ve studied, trained and travelled. And I’ve done my own fair share of challenging and changing my old habits, beliefs and behaviours, even got the help of some yogis and gurus in India along my way.

I’m determined that no-one needs to go through those toughest of times alone. So I’ve combined my passion for personal development with my own experience of burnout, along with tools and resources from my work with mental health charities. Now I get to help others to recover, restore their health and live calm, happy, balanced lives. Read more about me…

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