Create the life & career you love

I help midlife women transform their lives

I help professional women to regain control over their lives, careers, health and happiness. 

Heal your body & soul from the inside out so that you can create a life of power, presence, peace and purpose. 

I’ll help you manage stress, recover from burnout, heal your energy and reclaim your health.

Then we’ll reconnect you with your passion, purpose and life vision so that you can redesign and reset your life, career, health and happiness.

I focus on mindset, energy and overcoming limiting beliefs and conditioning. Find your authentic self, reconnect with your mind-body and develop transformational habits and behaviours.

You may be struggling with overwhelm, burnout or a feeling that life is passing you by.  We’ll work together to assess all areas of your life, discover your purpose, then plan and take steps to transform your career and lifestyle. 

You’ll regain direction and balance in your life, let go of old habits, stressors and limiting beliefs, design your vision then create goals and plans to enable you to confidently move towards living your best life to the full. 

Learn how to shift your mindset, habits and behaviours. Claim back time and energy for yourself and design your next chapter with passion, purpose, health, confidence, newfound energy, balance and wellbeing. 

You can keep on living the life you think you’re supposed to be living.

But wouldn’t you rather discover and embrace who you really are and live the life you deserve?

Design a life & career you love.

Ways to Work with Me

Mind:Body Empowered 

1:1 Coaching Programme

Mind:Body Empowered 

Group Programme

Mind:Body Empowered 

1:1 Empower Hour

Find Your Purpose
– Then Live It!

1:1 Coaching

Executive Coaching 

1:1 Coaching

Get Out of Your Own Way

Online Course

Working with me

Your personal journey is unique to you and every session will be designed to give you my customised support and undivided attention in a safe, judgement free space.

I’ve developed a holistic approach to coaching to help clients transform their lives, finding balance across Mind, Body, Life and Soul.

How We Work Together

Coaching sessions are held online by Zoom

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