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Hi, I’m Jules


When I experienced burnout, I couldn’t find my way out.

I left my career, took time out, travelled to India, studied yoga, reiki, coaching, NLP, mindfulness based CBT and sought many treatments and support.

I also relocated to an island in Spain and changed my lifestyle completely. But all this took a long time. And a lot of money that I was no longer earning. So I knew there had to be a better way to combine all my learning and experiences so that I could help other people reclaim their lives and health more quickly.

I’m Jules Haughey, a former HR Director. Personal development has always been my passion and I’ve helped hundreds of people with their learning, development, career progression and personal growth.   

I’ve been coaching in the corporate world since 2013, so when I left my HR career it made sense for me to use my experiences to help other people manage their stress and burnout. I also work as a consultant with businesses helping them introduce and support mental health at work and workplace wellbeing initiatives. So I understand the personal and professional impact of mental illness.

In my time working with mental health charities, I’ve seen first-hand how living with a mental illness can impact people. My own experience is one of depression, anxiety and PTSD. The personal toll these illnesses takes on you impacts every aspect of life – from your work performance, your home life, in social situations or feeling isolated from society. 

I love books, research and learning as well as applying what I’ve learned. Finding a balance between my career and a healthy lifestyle has really helped me discover the formula that works to recover from burnout and stress.

My business is all about getting you through those tough times with one-on-one sessions where we can work on your individual plan for recovery together.

I help clients in their personal growth and life transformation, empowering them to recover from burnout and stress – finding success, happiness, fulfillment at work while still maintaining balance outside of it all!

Associate Member of ISMAUK

[International Stress Management Association]

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