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I help people transform their lives

I help professionals to regain control over their lives, careers, health and happiness. 

You may be struggling with overwhelm, burnout or a feeling that life is passing you by.  We’ll work together to assess all areas of your life, discover your purpose, then plan and take steps to transform your career and lifestyle. 

You’ll regain direction and balance in your life, let go of old habits, stressors and limiting beliefs, design your vision then create goals and plans to enable you to confidently move towards living your best life to the full. 

Learn how to shift your mindset, claim time back for yourself and design your next chapter with passion, purpose, health, confidence, newfound energy, balance and wellbeing. 

You can keep on living the life you think you’re supposed to be living.

But wouldn’t you rather discover and embrace who you really are and live the life you deserve?

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How Working With A Coach Can Help You

How Working With A Coach Can Help You

Have you ever thought about working with a coach?   If you’re serious about achieving your biggest goals, you should consider it. In fact, if you need to start by defining what those goals actually are, then you should seriously consider it. Working with a coach...

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My Burnout Reading list

My Burnout Reading list

I've been on quite a journey of transformation myself over the last three years. These are the books that helped me learn, grow, let things go and turn my life around. Some were new reads and others are books I've read over time and time again or dip into when I need...

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Top Ten Stress Busting Tips

Stress is “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.” (HSE UK) The pressures you're dealing with may come from a number of different sources, and when their combined effect is overwhelming, stress occurs....

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Dump Your To-Do List

Dump Your To-Do List

DAY 2: 10 DAYS OF WELLBEING Today's message won't take you very long to read, but it will take you just a little longer to action… But it's worth it. It's a really beneficial exercise to help stop your mind spinning with all those things you feel you ‘should’ be doing...

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10 Days Of Wellbeing

10 Days Of Wellbeing

A WELLBEING BOOST Is it just me or does anyone else find January a bit grim?  Christmas is over. New Year is over. And even both of those were quite lonely times this year, with most of us separated from family and friends. The days are short and it’s dark and cold...

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What an amazing lady, highly skilled, completely supportive and brings out the best in people by being herself. What you see is what you get, Jules treats you like you’re the most important person when she’s with you, you have her energy and passion with you in the room and this is an incredible infectious talent.

Anita Spensley

Manchester, UK

Full of heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to work with Jules. Her input really helped me gain perspective and reframe certain situations in my life. Her honest yet gentle, direct yet non-confrontational approach enabled me to look at myself honestly and identify the behaviour patterns that were no longer working for me.


Rishikesh, India

Jules makes you feel you can trust her with sensitive issues and she goes at your pace in the sessions. Also with her background, I feel I get more than coaching, I get life experience. And she is always at the end of the phone for a boost. I have already recommended her to friends. 

Natalie Cole

Salford, UK


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