I’m a wine drinking, chocolate loving Yogi. Yoga literally saved me when I fell off the corporate treadmill. It’s not all about being flexible and bendy, it’s a way of life.

Stop, breathe, find some stillness and calm, then do some slow, stretchy moves that work your body and mind. Restore flexibility, strength and stability. Relieve stress and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Classes include centering, pranayama (breathing exercises), warm-up, asanas (postures), meditation and relaxation to help you regain a sense of inner connection and calmness, leading to inner peace. Feel free to bring your own mat and blocks and be sure to bring a blanket, socks and something cosy to wear if you like to keep warm in Savasana.

I focus on safe alignment and modifications to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in class no matter what level of experience or health concerns.

I run small group classes on demand and personalised one-to-one sessions and also hold fabulous wellbeing workshops and retreats.


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