Burnout Symptoms
Balanced life after burnout recovery

I help people transform their lives


I help people manage stress, heal from burnout, reclaim their health and reset their lives, careers, health and happiness.

You may be struggling with overwhelm, burnout or a feeling that life is passing you by. We’ll work together to assess all areas of your life, discover your key stressors, then plan and take steps to reclaim your health and transform your career and lifestyle.

You’ll regain direction and balance in your life, let go of old habits, stressors and limiting beliefs, design your vision then create goals and plans to enable you to confidently move towards living your best life to the full.

Learn how to shift your mindset, claim time back for yourself and design your next chapter with passion, purpose, health, confidence, newfound energy, balance and wellbeing.

Recover from burnout, reclaim your health and reset your life so you can live it to the full.

Let’s work together…


Burnout to Balance: A self-study online course for people ready to transform their lives in just 8 weeks!

1:1 Coaching

Burnout to Balance is my signature coaching programme where we’ll identify where are you now in life and where you want to be.

Together we’ll work through what’s holding you back and causing you most overwhelm and stress so that you’re feeling restored to a strong place mentally and emotionally. Then we’ll get down to some serious planning to really get you set up to take action. You’ll be guided through the obstacles and we’ll smash through any stubborn blocks that try to get in the way too.

I’ll guide you in creating more balance between your personal life and business, reduce stress, stay motivated, work on time-management skills, find purpose and more fulfilment in life. 


Wellbeing In The Workplace

I partner with executive teams and business leaders to realise their vision of embedding a culture of workplace wellbeing.

We’ll focus on employee engagement, company culture, mental health at work and wellbeing initiatives.

I also support leaders with executive coaching.

Associate Member of ISMAUK

[International Stress Management Association]

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