Guiding you through the messy middle of midlife to a life of meaning, health & happiness.

Putting the life back into midlife!

Has midlife left you feeling like the best of your life is over? Not even close! There’s so much more for you to do. So much more life for you to live.

I help midlife women redesign life’s next chapter with health, happiness, meaning, vitality & beauty.

It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.



Work with me 1:1 in my Midlife Awakening programme to regain direction and balance in your life, let go of old habits, stressors and limiting beliefs, design your life vision then create plans and practices to enable you to confidently move towards living your best life to the full.


Join a spirited collective of midlife ladies in Midlife Awakening. 90 days to reconnect with your passion, purpose and life vision so that you can redesign and reset your life, career, health and happiness.

Hi, I’m Jules

Spiritual Wellness Coach

I’m a Spiritual Wellness Coach for midlife women.

When I discovered the mind:body connection and the power of consciousness based wellness, it changed the trajectory of my life (and health).

Ever since, I’ve helped midlife women awaken their own healing self so they can learn to thrive in midlife and design their next life chapter full of meaning and happiness.


Design Your Perfect (mid) Life Plan

Design Your Perfect (mid) Life Plan

Why do I need a life plan? I've managed without it all this time, why do I need one now? A life plan is like a map that helps guide us towards a more meaningful and fulfilled life. It's one that we've considered and envisioned for our future. Without a clear life plan...

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How Working With A Coach Can Help You

How Working With A Coach Can Help You

Have you ever thought about working with a coach?   If you’re serious about achieving your biggest goals, you should consider it. In fact, if you need to start by defining what those goals actually are, then you should seriously consider it. Working with a coach...

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»» We’ll work together to create a crystal clear vision for the healthy, happy life you want to live

»» You’ll uncover the main challenges that are sabotaging your life goals right now

»» And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to finally make life changes to regain your health, energy and purpose once and for all

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